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School Relations

This is an initiative we have that encourages Schools to partner up with The Tutor Solution to provide tutors for them with regards to additional after school help/exam preparation/tutor recommendation (fee split)/small group tuition and more. Our tutors have excellent track records and will provide additional support where needed:

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Private Club

What we will do for Schools:

  • Provide Private Tutors
  • Revision Sessions (at the school)
  • Examiner grade marking
  • Discount on Revision Courses
  • Referrals from our clients
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Linking your brand with ours

Social/Private/Corporate member clubs

We partner up with Country clubs, whom have exclusive membership conditions including golf, tennis, croquet, equestrian clubs and the usual private members clubs. Given these organisations have members that are continuously looking for education consultants, private tuition or general guidance surrounding their children’s academic lives, this will be a great opportunity to provide We look to exclusively provide any educational aspect for members with a revenue generating program for the club whilst members receive an outstanding academic service.

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Social Corporate Private Members Club
Private School

What we will do for Social/Private/Corporate member clubs:

  • Provide Private Tutors
  • Revision Courses held at the grounds
  • Host academic/social events
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