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Do you need a Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Geography or Economics Tutor? Why do you think your children need help outside of the classroom?

Private Tuition in London has been exponentially growing for the past 12 years (34% of pupils received private or home tuition in 2005, compared with 44% this year.) This is in terms of the number of hours required and the amounts that are being charged. This can be down to a number of factors such as the increasing competition between students. Whether parents are trying to get their children into the best secondary schools by sitting Entrance exams, to getting the best GCSE results to ensure they can take the desired A level subjects and then the two-year struggle of completing those exams between the ages of 16 and 18 trying so hard to have the chance of becoming an alumnus of the University they desire.

The proportion of pupils who have had a private tutor in the UK is up from 18% in 2005 to 25% in 2016, and stands at 44% in the capital. In the past year alone, one in 10 of all state-educated 11- to 16-year-olds in England and Wales were tutored. So therefore, hiring a private tutor has become a social norm where parents sacrifice a higher proportion of their income than before.

Given the above statistics, it is no way a surprise that the UK spends the largest amount on private tuition in Europe as other countries have significantly greater faith in their educational system. Although, the UK spends a significant amount (circa £2bn per year), this no way compares to how much South Korea spends (circa £15bn per year).

Other conspicuous reasons why more students are opting for Private Tuition is because they feel the education system in the UK is not providing them with enough support. We have experienced this with some schools providing minimal face time with students, inconsistent homework provision and a lacklustre progress monitoring. Therefore, students look to the value of a tutor who provide them with individual and exclusive support within the comfort of their own home.



Private Tutor to help with school

Should you get a Private tutor to help your child with work?

Tutors can help with the specificities required to help them overcome those weaknesses and develop those strengths needed to pass that all-important A level exam. This is evident when teaching Economics/Maths/Business/Geography/Sciences where it is purely test based but a lot of independent and state schools do not teach exam focused techniques and then parents are wondering why the student cannot reach their potential. These are important aspects of a child’s academic journey which should not be overlooked.

Around 50-60% of our students are privately educated and this figure is growing more and more each year. This can be down to four reasons:

• Students are not receiving the idiosyncratic attention, focus and curriculum coverage they were hoping to obtain for the money they were spending (Average Private school fees: £13,780 pa^), therefore, parents want to receive one to one tuition from somebody whom is an expert in the field.
• Students are struggling to understand and grasp the fundamentals of their chosen subjects. This does not necessarily infer an issue with the school, as even with the smaller classes of an independent establishment, teachers cannot always give all their pupils the attention they need.
• Already discussed, however, important to make the point again. Although students are excelling in their subjects, they need to cement their chances of getting that A/A* making sure they get into their chosen Sixth form or University.
• For some parents, peer pressure is a factor. With so many hiring a tutor, the concern that neglecting to do so could leave your child at a disadvantage can be a powerful motivator.

Furthermore, Private Tutors are not there just for academic reasons but depending on the individual, they are there on a more social aspect such as boosting confidence, enhancing motivation and creating a buzz around the subject they are studying, making it a joy to learn and relating it to the real world. Giving them a reason to further study the subject further down the line as well as considering it as a career.

Therefore, given the above circumstances, having a private tutor is money and time well spent in developing your child’s preparation; academically as well as mentally.


The Tutor Solution help all students achieve Exam Success

The Tutor Solution help all students achieve Exam Success


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